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Things I Saw Today.

October 4, 2012 by
Today, I saw a car parked downtown with women’s underwear on the dashboard. They were red. My first thought was “But why?” and my second thought was “Probably better not to ask too many questions.”
I also saw a woman walking a pig, with a leash and everything. But, she didn’t have any of the bags you’re supposed to pick up your animals poop with and I think that’s just poor citizenship. Also, can we just revisit the fact she was walking a *pig* in downtown Austin?
After careful thought about both these things I saw today, I came to a conclusion, which is, some people take “Keep Austin Weird” a little too seriously. I appreciate the effort but I think it would be better to just support local businesses. Or, you know, just keep doing the underwear and pig thing. Who am I to judge? I got caught looking at myself in the reflection of a window by a bunch of well dressed investment bankers today, so I guess we all have our quirks.
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