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This Is How GotC Does A Bad Day. |

April 3, 2013 by
Yesterday was a bad day.
First, I had weird pseudo-nightmares about tornadoes. Then, I woke up late. Then traffic was really bad and I was late to work. Then work sucked the life-force out of me in a very brutal and possibly illegal kind of way. Then it started raining and hailing and I was like “My tornado dreams are coming true! I’m a psychic!” which is like a pretty profound and really heavy thought to have because you’re scared by both the tornados and the realization that you’re a psychic and holy hell your whole life is going to change! And then there was a lull in the rain and no tornados, so I was relieved because tornados are the worst (some day I’m going to have to tell you about the time I thought I was a witch and caused a tornado to happen) and also whew I’m not a psychic so like, less responsibility. Then, it took me 2 HOURS to drive about 15 miles and I wanted to start crying and then I really did scream to let out the frustration and then my throat hurt. Then, I finally got home and Captain Thoughtful ordered pizza for dinner which was really sweet but by the time it got to us, it was after 9pm and I was starving so I ate way too much and way too fast and then I threw up all the pizza. Then I went to bed because what’s the point and good grief amiright?
That’s how GotC does a bad day.
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