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This Is The Bees Knees Y’all

January 16, 2013 by
A little while back, the fine people at Blogologues asked to use one of my posts for their upcoming performance, of course I readily agreed because I am a patron of the arts and also like attention. Then, not so long ago, they asked to use another one of my posts and of course I agreed again because of my love of the arts and also the attention thing. Then, they sent me this last week and I about bursted with pride and artistic glitter happiness.
Bees knees y’all. The. Bees. Knees.
If you’re in New York and have a chance to catch their next show- you absolutely must do that. All the information for that show is here. They are performing a piece from the Confederacy of Spinsters written by my girl Grace and I can’t wait to see what they do with it. Y’all need to go see them perform if you’re in New York. Or hell, take a trip to New York and see them. Go ahead, treat yourself.
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