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I Think I Broke My Logic Bone   -

Today’s Real Post Sucked. |

So, I just realized that the post I was going to publish today sucked. Of course, I am realizing this only a couple hours before it was supposed to publish. So it goes. I trashed the post. Now, I have no post except this explanation of why there isn’t really a post. I do, however, want to give a shout out to my little sister who is taking my car to get new tires today because a meeting got scheduled at work at the same time so I can’t- and my car really needs new tires. She is my hero. She completely saved the day. This one is for you sis……

I thought about posting the clip from “Beaches” but then I thought- whoa- way to bring everyone down. Don’t ruin everyone’s Thursday by making them cry. But the song was just so appropriate and luckily the Divine Miss M obliges us all by performing it regularly and letting it be filmed. So, I guess I want to thank my sister and Bette Midler for making my day less of a suckfest. In my eyes, you are both divine!

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