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Ugh. Try Harder Spammers.

November 8, 2012 by
So, the past few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of spammy comments. There isn’t anything unusual about that really except that every comment has been nothing more than an excerpt from one of my blog posts word for word followed by a link for some sex thing. Ugh. Try harder spammers.
Pretty much no matter what way you look at this it’s insulting. Either they think that my blog writing is so poor that is deserves spam status, or they think I’m too dumb to realize I’m approving a comment of something I’ve already written, or they think I’m such a narcissist about my writing that I would post it a second time in the comments. So, umm, rude spam. Super rude.
Also, plagiarism. And copyright infringement. And thought-stealing. And, it bears repeating, rude.
Just stop spammers. Just stop. Go right now and look at yourself in the mirror. Now say “Hey. You’re better than this. Probably.” and find something else to do besides steal my content and try to repurpose it for your sex links on the same blog you stole it from. Okie dokie?
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