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A really very long time previously, I wrote a publish about me being the captain of a sinking ship. It was a troublesome time in my life nevertheless I purchased by means of it and my ship didn’t sink and I fell in love and purchased married and moved to the great plains and started grad college. Nonetheless these days, my ship has taken some hits: dropping relations, residing distant from family and associates, grad college, financial worries, 70+ hour work weeks, and a terrifying feeling I’ve messed points up in a roundabout way. Tipped the steadiness. Incurred some kind of curse. Because of whereas I am so lucky to have all I’ve and be able to do all I do, I am exhausted in every attainable method. And I haven’t posted in weeks and that is one different method I actually really feel like I’m failing. Because of y’all are very good and thoughtful and have been so supportive and galvanizing to me. And I consider y’all deserve larger. Y’all deserve every day doses of humor and whimsy. And I’m lower than it correct now, my whimsy is flimsy. Nonetheless the thought of strolling away from this weblog has me in tears. So, I’m not. A minimal of I’m not correct now. Nonetheless I moreover don’t know how often I’ll be posting inside the subsequent yr. So ought to you may bear with me, I’ll endlessly admire it. When you may’t, I fully get it and I would like you all a life full of cotton candy and totally devoid of aliens.

Love, love, love,


I’m on a short break from classes and however I stand up day-after-day panicked pondering I didn’t do a finding out or forgot to put in writing down a paper. Does this ever go away or has grad college fully altered my consciousness to on a regular basis actually really feel like I’ve forgotten one factor important?

Which leads me to marvel about conducting a evaluation problem about altered consciousness and the correlation to grad college enrollment.

Aaaghh….grad college has taken over my thoughts! It wasn’t the aliens I must have been afraid of, it was superior ranges!

Merely kidding. I’m fully nonetheless scared of aliens.

Why is it not warmth however Nebraska??? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???!


A Texan

I’m not on a regular basis sure what day it is nevertheless I on a regular basis know when an process is due. I snigger hysterically at treatment puns. I am overfunctioning whereas concurrently advising consumers to not. I’m undecided how rather a lot espresso I’ve wanted to drink as we communicate nevertheless it certainly was possibly better than tons. All of the books I am finding out in my free time are for my comps. I am grad college.

You already know you have bought married one of the best explicit particular person as soon as they focus on with you as “resolute” in its place of “stubborn as hell”.

Sometimes the squirrels in my neighborhood behave very oddly and I can’t help nevertheless suspect they’re planning one factor.

If and when the squirrel revolution happens, remember that I suspected them first.

If February twenty ninth can usually be a day and completely different situations not be a day, why can’t Narnia be precise? Riddle me that.

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