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We Are Our Own Country Now - Blouse

We Are Our Own Country Now

My husband (the Geographer) educated me yesterday that this weblog now has additional followers than not lower than 3 sovereign nations have inhabitants. I think about that makes us our private nation now y’all! Welcome to ContraryLand!

Just some points about our nation…

Nationwide Fowl: Blue Footed Booby (Haha…. booby…..)

Nationwide Music: Lazy Sunday
( )

Nationwide Motto: LOL

Nationwide Animal (big): Nessie (The Loch Ness monster, nevertheless don’t let “monster” fool you, she’s really very delicate and gives good suggestion on how one can put collectively fish.)

Nationwide Animal (small): Chupacabra  (Disguise your goats!)

Nationwide Insect: Jiminy Cricket (He could also be annoying nevertheless he retains us honest.)

Be at liberty to share your data about our fully superior (and absolutely made-up) nation! And thanks all so very so much for subscribing/following this weblog –  it makes my coronary coronary heart match to burst. ?

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