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We Don’t Need Medicine For That.

July 14, 2011 by
I worry that you guys might be having a bad day. I worry because I care. So, in order to cheer you up, because I’ve now convinced myself you’re utterly miserable and in definite need of cheer, I thought I would share something my Grammy said a couple weeks ago. Prepare to laugh. Or cringe.
Grammy: Last night, my arm was all broken out in little reddish brown spots, so Popsie (my grandfather aka her husband of almost 58 years) rubbed some medicinal cream on it. He was so gentle, just rubbing my arm back and forth.
My Aunt: Uh, Mom, I think they call that foreplay.
Grammy: Oh honey! We don’t need medicine for that!
***Pause for the entire family bursting into hysterical fits of laughter. ***
Grammy: Y’all think I don’t know about all that. But I know a lot more than you think.
***More family laughter.***
Grammy: Anyway, it turned out the “spots” on my arm were just chocolate.
*** Laughter, laughter, laughter.***
Grammy: Let me finish! The really funny part isn’t that it was chocolate, the funny part is I didn’t even realize it until the next day!
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my Grandmother. See the family resemblance?

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