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This Actually Hurt My Feelings   - Q Family


This is how someone like me, who has never lived in a place where it snows before, prepares for a snowstorm.

1. I check out a LOT of books from the library.

2. I make sure I am well stocked with gummi worms, cheese and crackers, and red wine.

3. I buy a new super fancy (and warm!) blanket.

4. I do laundry so I can wear all of my clothes at the same time.

5. I make sure my doomsday prep bag is within arms reach at all times.

6. I spend hours adding to my Netflix queue.

7. I complain to anyone who will listen about how I am not used to this type of weather.

8. I cry in the vain hope that somehow the weather will take pity on me and decide not to snow and also to make it spring immediately.

9. I waste a lot of time googling how to prepare for a snowstorm.

10. I pretend this isn’t going to happen the same way I pretended I was going to win the billion dollar powerball.

Stay warm and stay safe peeps, no matter where you are !

Captain Thoughtful: It’s 2 degrees outside. The “real feel” is -21.

Me: Oh no…..

Captain Thoughtful: I’m not going to sugar-coat it, when we walk outside it’s going to be a real slap in the b-hole.

Me: Nicely phrased.