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Wedding Are Hilarious

October 18, 2012 by
Apparently, wedding nightmares are a thing. At least, they’re a thing that’s happening to me almost every night. I have nighttime wedding terrors in which I wake-up in a cold sweat sure that I’ve ruined the day for everyone by not coordinating dinner appropriately or somehow ending up with too many brownies and not enough pies. I’ve dreamt that I cried the entire day, from joy obviously, but that I wasn’t able to stop crying once and that all my pictures were ruined because of my ugly crying face. I had a dream the other night that our venue double booked our wedding day and we had to get married in a road and take all our guests for pizza afterward- which, as badass as it might sound, is not what we have planned at all. I keep dreaming that the bridal store ordered me the completely wrong dress and I’m going to have to fight with a heavy ballgown all night.
These nightmares have got to stop. They’re not particularly scary but they’re are extremely annoying because now I’m worrying that all these thing might actually happen because remember that one time I told you I might be a touch clairvoyant? However, I think I have a plan. Maybe, just maybe, if I watch things that actually scare me, I’ll have nightmares about those things instead of wedding things. So, in an effort to not be afraid that my wedding is going to be a disaster, I’m going to watch movies about dinosaurs, aliens, and crocodiles (which are really just dinosaurs and why aren’t they extinct??? They’re like invincible dinosaurs. Except we can kill them. But nature can’t kill them like it did the rest of the dinosaurs and that’s pretty damn scary). Or, you know, I might not sleep for the next two months.

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