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These are my “Clearly I’m doing jazz palms on the inside” jazz palms.

Moreover, I’m pretty sure Captain Thoughtful was doing jazz palms on the inside too. ?

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Okay- so this picture isn’t glorious and I promise there’ll in all probability be larger pictures to return in a short time nonetheless I’m on my honeymoon and we make due. ?

These are my “Jazz palms in {a photograph} gross sales house with 3 of my bridesmaids who’re superior and helped make the wedding glorious” jazz palms.

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Exact report of points I have been doing for weeks in order to look pretty on 12/22/12, which is the day after the world ends and likewise they day Captain Thoughtful and I are getting married. Because of we’re optimists. And as well as, we’re fully prepared for the apocalypse as a consequence of my knack for preparedness some of us have generally known as “insanity”. So, the wedding is on y’all!

1. Drink better than 2 liters of water a day. I’ve to pee ALL THE TIME.

2. Eat an oz. of walnuts a day. Apparently, they make your pores and pores and skin gorgeous as a consequence of omega-3 and magic.

3. Every day physique moisturizing with argan oil. That’s more than likely solely a great life conduct nonetheless holy shiz y’all, it’s slippery! I’m more than likely going to slip and fall throughout the bathe and break my leg and wish to walk down the aisle in crutches, nonetheless hey, my pores and pores and skin goes to look spectacular.

4. Time consuming skincare routine. So many oils, lotions, devices, and oh loads time. Worth it though.

5. Drink a cup of scorching water with lemon in it every morning and cucumber water all via the day. Why? I be taught someplace that’s what fashions do. It’s solely now, as I’m writing about it, that I discover it will not be true……

Any explicit technique y’all prepared in your wedding ceremony ceremony?

So, it’s a new issue the place every Thursday I publish a picture of myself doing jazz palms. Which, is like, my signature issue that I do. This picture was taken at my bachelorette celebration last Friday. My eyes are purple as a result of flash, not on account of I’m a bloodthirsty vampire. Or am I? I’m not. Moreover, I really feel we’re capable of all agree my blue steel face is impeccable. Blissful first ever Jazz Fingers Thursday!


Within the occasion you’re going to have a wedding that is really a extraordinarily spectacular celebration the place any individual merely happens to commit themself for eternity to a different individual, like Captain Thoughtful and I are, there are some issues that you just fully might want to have. The first is a superb DJ or band. The second is delicious meals and refreshments. And the third is glow-sticks. Because of, nothing says “Let’s celebration y’all!” Like glow-sticks.” Bubbles, rose petals, and sparklers are carried out out. I’m telling you, it’s all about glow-sticks. I do know this for a reality, on account of it was my Mother’s suggestion and that lady is on a regular basis on stage. Mom: Can we now have glow-sticks at your wedding ceremony ceremony reception. Me: Clearly. I LOVE glow-sticks. Mom: They’re going to merely put everyone within the becoming mood. Mom: Cool. I’ll get them organized. Nonetheless, I’ll order solely white glow-sticks so it’s, like, trendy. And that’s the best way it’s achieved. My bridal bathe was last Saturday and it was all points fairly. It had my three favorite “F” phrases: family, buddies, and meals. (Why? What’s your favorite “F” phrase??) ? Nonetheless, essential as a lot because it, I found myself oddly nervous. What if I didn’t act “bridal” adequate? Do I even have a “bridal” persona”?? Loads nervousness. Happily, I was distracted from it by a really incredible Captain Thoughtful shock and I didn’t concern about it the least bit anymore and had a supremely incredible time at my bridal bathe. Nonetheless then, as I was falling asleep last night, I began to stress that I hadn’t, the reality is, acted “bridal” adequate at my bathe and that every one my family and buddies now suppose me exceptionally unqualified to be a bride. So, to calm my fears, I did what I on a regular basis do and which certainly not ever works, I googled it. It was not reassuring. Listed under are some “bridal” pointers that I fully broke. I really feel. Converse to everyone. I positively talked about “hello there” and “goodbye” to everyone nonetheless I’m sure I didn’t deal with even a brief dialog with everyone who attended. Strike one GotC. Current enthusiasm all the time. I was truly very excited and I positively smiled and laughed fairly a bit. Nonetheless, was I “enthusiastic” adequate? Most likely not. There is a motive I wasn’t a cheerleader. Strike two. Be calm and picked up. Am I ever “collected”? Strike three. Do you get 4 strikes in wedding ceremony ceremony preparations? Or like, 20? Moreover, are you aware you’re not supposed to utilize the bathe objects sooner than the wedding?! It’s going to be so onerous resisting the urge to utilize that pie maker at Thanksgiving…….. Critically though, I’ve in all probability probably the most AMAZING family and buddies on the earth! I am one glad glad girl. ? screen shot 2012 10 29 at 5 34 48 pm So, that’s apparently the aim throughout the wedding ceremony ceremony planning when YOU PANIC ABOUT EVERYTHING. The whole sudden the whole thing is HAPPENING and also you may be NOT PREPARED. My wedding ceremony ceremony robe is on it’s technique to Austin correct this minute nonetheless I don’t have sneakers or tools and even know if it’s going to swimsuit accurately on account of your complete sudden it’s so apparent how loads weight I’ve gained although I’ve misplaced weight and is that this going to be a type of dramatic moments the place the robe obtained’t zip up after which I cry and cry and cry and everyone tells me it’s going to work our nonetheless THE WORLD IS ENDING on account of my robe obtained’t match. And as well as, the world might truly be ending a day sooner than I get married and WHY DIDN’T I THINK ABOUT THAT??? And now I’m second guessing willpower I beforehand thought have been good and what coloration sneakers should my bridesmaids placed on and what should we do for our wedding ceremony ceremony favors and now we have to buy a chalkboard to position in entrance of the chapel and make a map and whats hsould I get my bridesmaids as objects and now we have to get some expert pictures taken and I’ve a bridal bathe and a bachelorette celebration and what should I placed on to those and why are there so many particulars and why can’t I maintain with them and what wine tastes biggest with BBQ and what songs are we going to play throughout the ceremony and what music can we want to play for our introduction should the daddy daughter dance be important or humorous and what coloration should I paint my nails what happens if I get a zit what if I start my interval what if no one RSVPs what if EVERYONE RSVPs???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Nonetheless no truly, wedding ceremony ceremony planning is totally going successfully.

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