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Weddings Are Hilarious

September 25, 2012 by
Did you guys know that once you get engaged you automatically turn into a pretty pretty princess? I mean, I think you’re supposed to. Sure, I didn’t, but if all of the wedding magazines and wedding reality shows are to be trusted (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t trust them) then engaged ladies everywhere should turn into princesses upon receiving the bling-bling ring. I wish I had a dollar for every bride I’ve heard say “I want to be a princess on my wedding day!” because then I would be uber-rich and could probably buy an island and declare myself princess of it for reals.
But, you guys, I *don’t* want to be a princess. I don’t even want to be princess adjacent. I just want to be me in a great dress surrounded by people I love (and also everyone else I had to invite). I am apparently missing the princess gene. Maybe I didn’t watch enough Disney princess movies- I mean, my favorite Disney movies were Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland and although I really liked the princess movies, I never really thought about it as a viable life-option. Whereas Wonderland seemed like a really nice place to settle down and start a family.
But also, you guys, think about some real life princesses. Marie Antoinette was once a princess and her head got lobbed off. Princesses do NOT have charmed lives. Honestly, I think they’re lives seem kind of bleak and full of pressure. Think about it. Princesses throughout history have been kidnapped, brutally murdered, raped, and traded like cattle to further monarchies and dynasties. Yeah. Not for me, thanks. And especially not on my wedding day. I’m more than happy to just be GotC in a pretty dress.

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