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Contrarian-5 Ways to Truth and Fulfillment - Romance

Contrarian-5 Ways to Truth and Fulfillment

A contrarian is a person.

Contrarianism describes the way a person thinks, feels, and acts.

Contrarian ThoughtsContrarians are independent thinkers.  They analyze and think deeply about life, looking for truth, purpose, and the correct path forward.

Contrarians reject conventional wisdom, societal norms, popular trends, group thinking, and most of all conformity with the politically correct viewpoint. The word contrarian literally means to disagree or be against.   Many contrarians become loners and isolated from popular groups.  The contrarian will prefer truth over fitting in with others.  This may socially distance the contrarian thinker.

Contrarians think carefully about their decisions, actions, and beliefs.   Sadly, popular and trendy thinking is often flawed if not dangerous to individuals and society.  This is in large part related to our flawed system of capitalism.   

Thoughts, Values, and Actions

Contrarian considers truth vs lies