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What's New on Amazon Prime Video in July 2021

Stress-related graying may be reversible for some people, though probably not if you’re well into your graying years.
The infection landed her in the hospital for over two weeks, though she has since fully recovered.
Of the few decent studies that found some benefit from supplements, there were only small improvements.
The shrinking process would be like if humans became as small as rhesus monkeys.
Alveolar echinococcosis remains rare and treatable, but a more virulent tapeworm strain imported from Europe has…
City health officials have updated their guidelines on how to have safer sex during the pandemic.
At least 113 patients who got spinal surgery have been exposed to the often life-threatening bacterial disease.
What to make of the confusing headlines about coffee research.
CureVac’s experimental covid-19 vaccine is the latest to stumble in clinical trials
The old stereotype that children are necessary for a fulfilled life just doesn’t hold up.
Rabies still kills 59,000 people a year worldwide and is often transmitted through dog bites.
The first cases of C. auris in the country were traced to a single covid-19 intensive care unit in Salvador, Brazil.
Researchers hope the technique could one day help eradicate the deadly viral illness.
Familiar infections like RSV and norovirus are rising as life returns to normal.
Wildlife officials have documented at least three pups born to the gray wolf parents John and Jane.
Big Pharma is unlikely to fund larger trials of the off-patent treatment, though.
The metallic traces could help explain how Alzheimer’s disease damages the brain.
Steven Brandenburg said he believed the vaccines would change people’s DNA.
Did the virus spread to humans after a lab accident? Despite recent headlines, there’s still no smoking gun.
The Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved the drug aducanumab as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, the…

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