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When The Wind Blows The whole lot Is A Weapon! |

Yesterday, it was exceptionally windy in Austin. Like, blow you over while you’re strolling into your workplace constructing sort of windy. Energy went out. Bushes have been uprooted and blown onto the metrorail tracks. It. Was. Windy. As. Hell.
And you realize what? When it’s that sort of windy EVERYTHING BECOMES A WEAPON and all of these weapons are FLYING AT YOU. Shortly and with pointy ends. And strolling exterior is actually taking your life in your personal palms since you might simply take the sharp finish of an acorn within the eyeball. My leg was actually punctured by a leaf yesterday. A small and seemingly innocent leaf punctured my leg. And now, Captain Considerate is asking me to make clear that by puncture, I imply left a tiny scratch that hardly even bled. I think he’s jealous of the completely superior scar I might need from this leaf puncture wound.
The purpose is, every part is harmful when the wind blows actual exhausting y’all. It’s not all good and magical like in The Wizard of Oz. In actual life, each Dorothy and Toto would have been torn to shreds by commercials for denture cream. Which might have made a horrible film. Extra correct, however horrible. And that’s why I don’t write films.

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