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Where Can A Girl Get A SnoCone Around Here???

November 2, 2010 by
This one’s about comfort food folks. Sometimes, when life becomes a suckfest, eating something comforting somehow makes you feel better. I can’t explain it. To be honest, I don’t need an explanation. This is one thing I’m not that curious about. Probably because I’m too busy eating.
SnoCones. I love them. They taste delicious. They remind me of my childhood. And my teenage years. And my adulthood. I eat a lot of SnoCones. Sadly, they are really difficult to find in the winter. Which is probably why so many people get depressed in the winter. That’s logic. And sure, it may really just be a sugar high that I feel when I eat them but I like to think that I really feel better because everytime I eat a SnoCone an angel get’s it’s wings.
Gummi Worms. Do I even need to explain this? Reminds me of being little and not having any worries. So there.
Cotton Candy. Same reason as the gummi worms. Also, it’s pink, which is a nice color.
Tex-Mex. Maybe I love it because I’m from Texas. Or maybe I love it because it’s just like, the best food ever. You be the judge. I will give you a hint though, it’s the second one.
Sour Patch Watermelons. I wouldn’t see a movie without them. Or have a weekend without them. Sweet, sour, delicious, and nutritious. Except they aren’t nutritious. I just said that because it rhymed with delicious. I like rhyming.
Thai Food. When I have a cold or the flu all I want is some spicy Thai soup. Also, when I feel well all I want is some spicy Thai soup. Right now, all I want is some spicy Thai soup. Mmmmm, spicy Thai soup.
Fizzing Skittles. I just discovered these. It’s like a Skittle covered in tiny pop rocks. It’s pretty much the greatest discovery of this generation. You’re welcome future.
Watermelon. I have literally made myself sick on watermelon like 10 times. You would think I would have learned after the first time. Well, I did learn. I learned I love watermelon so much that I don’t care if I make myself sick on it. It just makes me think of summer, and vacations, and beautiful beaches, and Ausin Kite Festival, and sticky messy fingers. All of these things I find comforting- also, I take comfort in the fact that only one of them is weird.
Milk. It makes me feel so wholesome. Also, as you can tell, I eat a lot of candy and never get cavaties. Thank you milk. Thank you.
Do you guys have any favorite comfort foods? Also, does anyone know where I can get a SnoCone in Austin in the winter? And don’t say I can make my own. We all know it’s not the same.

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