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Who Is Tom?

August 15, 2012 by
Remember on Monday when I told you about how I’m getting a lot of phone calls for Tom? Well, yesterday, I got another phone call for Tom, this time it was from his ex-wife.
Me: Hello?
Tom’s Ex-Wife: Oh…I’m sorry, I have the wrong number. I was looking for my ex-husband.
Me: Is his name Tom?
Tom’s Ex-Wife: Yes……
Me: Yeah, I think this used to be his number. I’ve only had it for about a month and I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls for him.
Tom’s Ex-Wife: Oh no! I’m so sorry. He’s an idiot.
Me: Oh, it’s not a problem.
Tom’s Ex-Wife: I can only imagine the calls you’ve had to deal with.
Me: It’s no problem.
Tom’s Ex-Wife. I’m so sorry!
Me: Really, it’s ok.
Tom’s Ex-Wife: Alright, thank you, bye.
Me: Bye.
I’m really starting to feel involved in Tom’s life. I mean, did he and his wife divorce because of the issues that caused his viagra use? Or was it because of all the debt he has (I’ve gotten a lot of calls for him from debt collectors)? Or was it something else I’ve yet to discover because I haven’t gotten the call yet? What happened to Tom? Why do I have his number? Has he gone off the grid? If so, why? Was it just to escape the viagra salesmen, debt collectors, and his ex-wife? Or, was it because he is on a super-secret mission? Is Tom a spy? And, if he is a spy, who is he a spy for? Am I about to get dragged into a real-life spy thriller? Will I uncover that I too have spy-powers and can disarm someone with only a paper clip and sassy catchphrases? WHO IS TOM?

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