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Here Is A Thought On Monday - couple

wine |

We live in a world where I can have a giant glass of red wine while taking a statistics course online. I am drinking in class and it’s ok. It’s better than ok, it’s grand! I am learning math while imbibing fermented grapes. This is real. And I’m pretty sure it makes me better at math. Thank you Internet and winemakers and universities. You are the dream team of my heart.

Red wine is good for your heart. This is my favorite fact. And because heart health is of utmost importance, I MUST drink red wine and insist that you all do the same. Because I care about your hearts.

It’s been a busy week so far and I don’t really have anything funny to say but I wanted y’all to know about red wine and heart health. #themoreyouknowaboutwine

Have you ever heard of a booze hound? It’s this thing where you line up all the wine bottles and let your puppy choose which one you will drink by touching his nose to the bottle. At least, that’s what it means at my house. For the record, Dobby hasn’t let us down once with his choice of wine. He is basically a puppy sommelier, which is something every one needs as a basic neccessity. Booze hounds are the next big thing yall, you heard it here first.

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