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Year 27- I Will Find My Burrito. |  - Window

Year 27- I Will Find My Burrito. |

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I turned 27 on Monday. (That means my birthday is May 14 and you should all write that down and send me things like slap bracelets and chia pets and strange things that may be cursed that you find at antique malls.) 27 seems like the perfect year to undertake a quest. It’s totally a questing year. There was no question as to what my quest would be, there is a thing that I loved and lost when I was 11, it is very clear to me now in my 27th year that I must find that thing again. That thing is a Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito.

There are no Taco Bells in the Austin area that serve the chili cheese burrito, but they used to, oh yes, they used to. And I used to feast on this most simple and most delicious of burritos and then suddenly one day they were gone. I have craved them ever since but never been able to satisfy that craving. However, this is my 27th year and my craving will be satisfied! I have heard tales of chili cheese burritos at other Taco Bells, Taco Bells in far away places called “Ft. Lauderdale” and “Columbus”, I will endeavor to travel to these places and seek what is rightfully mine- a long loved and long lost burrito. I may even have two.

Let the great burrito quest of my 27th year commence!!

Not to brag or anything, but I’m also on another quest to find the best BBQ in Central Texas. Yes, that’s TWO quests that I’m on. I have very high expectations for my 27th year, very high indeed.

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